Friday, May 30, 2014

Number Sense - Math Vocabulary Trading Cards and Lesson Plans

Hello everyone,

Did you know we have a great game for Number Sense vocabulary over at our Teachers Pay Teachers Store?

This 26-page unit has essential math words to build a foundation of math understanding. Use whole class, with second language learners or struggling math students. Fun way for students to meet the Common Core Standards!

The 15 carefully selected words integrates kid friendly definitions with rich information about the concept. Words included are: after, compare, different, greater than, number sentence, about how many, before, between, equal to, fewer, less than, more, more than, one more than, and same.

This Math Game packet includes black line masters to reproduce and use as games and activities.

This package includes: 7 Math Games:
•Match It Up!
•I Know the Word
•Tic Tac Go!
•And the Answer Is!
•Word Association
•A Game of 20 Questions

Also included:
• Flashcard Mania
• Math Games as Homework

Reproducible black lines included in this package:
-activities to send home
-easy to use teacher
-teacher's guides
-easy game assembly
-variety of games
-complete game boards and game cards
-activity black line masters

Click here to check it out!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hello everyone,


Have you seen the Grade6Geometry wiki site?  

This site is geared to reinforce core geometry concepts for 6th grade.  The site offers a variety of manipulatives, and videos for instruction, which provide the foundation and conceptual understanding to build future math tasks.

 Click here to go to the site!

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Pinterest Boards by Fun To Teach!

Hello everyone!

Wow the school year is zooming by!
I was working on my Pinterest boards today and wanted to tell you all about the 81 boards I have made to share.  I couldn't believe I had so many!  

If you have a moment, click on over to Pinterest and check out the Fun To Teach boards.  

There is something for almost every teacher!

Some board names are:
Math and ESL ELD
Academic Language
Math Vocabulary Games
Pronouns for ELD ESL
Figurative Language 

I am also part of some group boards including:
Spanish Learning
Anchor Charts and Foldables
Math for Second Grade 
Fabulous and Free

Click here to go to the Pinterest boards by Fun To Teach!

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