Wednesday, August 15, 2018

1st grade Common Core Math Vocabulary

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Granite School District's has a super math vocabulary resources and 1st grade Math Vocabulary lists that was updated in June of 2013! 

Their Math Vocabulary lists are aligned to Common Core State Standards and have definitions.  Here is a sample:

English 1st Grade CCSS Vocabulary Word List
Revised 6/3/13

Additive Identity Property of 0
analog clock
Associative Property of Addition
bar graph
bar model
closed shape
Commutative Property of Addition
composite shape
count back

That is not all they do!

Granite School District also made great word wall cards you can print out.  







Each word has 3 cards:

    1. Word

    2. Word and visual

    3. Word, visual, definition

     Granite School District's website also has Parent Guides to the common core, curriculum maps, assessments and more!

Click on over to this great website and start downloading your math vocabulary words today!

Click here!

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