Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Freebie!

 Hello everyone!
It is Friday and time for a freebie!

This is our Multiplying by 8 - Multiplication Math Games and Lesson Plans and it is free!

This 26-page package focuses on multiplying by 8. Teaching elementary students to multiply is quick and effective when students practice their multiplication facts with these fun and engaging reproducible multiplication games, lesson plans and activities.

This package includes 5 Math Games:
*Multiplying by 8
*Match It Up!
*Multiplication Bingo
*Flash Card Bingo
*Homework Black lines
*Timed Tests
*Score Graphs

Each multiplication game includes game boards, cards, practice sheets, a 5 minute-timed test and graph for efficient assessment.

Also included are 5 black lines, which can be used to differentiate your instruction, as seat work or sent home as homework. Flash cards also come in this packet.

These games are effective ways to reach and teach your English language learners and at risk students. Differentiate your elementary instruction with this great 26-page multiplication game and activities.

click here to download your free game packet today!

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