Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Activities!

Summer is here! 
Are you looking for a way to connect with students and their parents over the summer?  Mailing off a list of summer activities that promote literacy and math during the vacation months might be what you are looking for. Many times parents ask us for ideas of things they can do at home with their children during the summer, but lose the list as summer sets in.  Mailing them a checklist of summer activities connects you with them.   
Here is a list of great weekly activities parents can choose from:
·      Library Time!  Go to the public library once a week

·      Old and Young! Visit a senior center once a week and read someone there a book.

·      Estimate It!  Keep an estimation jar and have your kids guess the amount once a week!  Make sure they count the beans, rocks, etc. to verify their estimation.

·      Clean Up Day.  Choose a local park to visit weekly.  Pick up any trash you find and then have a picnic!

·      Journal Time.  Once a week have your child write in a summer journal.  Orally review the week together and then give your child time to write about the events of the past week.

·      Wrap It Up! At the beginning of the summer pick out 8 to 10 books that your child wants to read. Wrap them up in gift-wrap and once a week let your child chose the book he/she will read for that week.

·      Game Day!  Reserve one day a week for game day.  Gather together several games and let your children choose which game they want to play.  Young children can build math skills by playing go fish or concentration with a simple deck of cards.

·      Research It!  Catch bugs and research them with you kids!  Great fun and builds investigation skills in your children.

·      Put on a Play!  Once a week read a play with your children.  Dress up and act it out.  This is a great way to continue literacy during the summer.

·      Local Museum.  Call your local museum and ask when they offer free hours. In the summer many museums offer free hours and days.

·      Lemonade Stand!  Teach your child about money and responsibility by having a lemonade stand once a week during specific hours.  Shopping, counting change, and determining profit are all great Math skills for your child!

·      Keep in Touch! Let your kid write a family newsletter once a week.  This is a great way to learn about summarizing as they describe the weeks activities.  Kids can type up the newsletter, add photos and send them out to all the grandparents.

 What are some of your favorite summer activities you send home to parents?

Happy Teaching!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Kindergarten Math Vocabulary Word List and Definitions

Hi everyone,

Back to HomeI have blogged before about  Granite School District's super math vocabulary resources and they recently (5/17/13) updated their Kindergarten Math Vocabulary lists! 

Their Math Vocabulary lists are aligned to Common Core State Standards and have definitions.  Here is a sample:

English Kindergarten CCSS Vocabulary Word List
Revised 5/17/13

above      A preposition that indicates location of an object.
add         To combine; put together two or more quantities.
addend   Any number being added.
alike       Same size, quantity, or amount.
and        To combine; put together two or more quantities; plus.
attribute A characteristic of an object such as color, shape, size, etc.
behind    A preposition that indicates location of an object.
below     A preposition that indicates location of an object.
beside    A preposition that indicates location of an object.
between  A preposition that indicates location of an object.
bigger     Larger in size.
by           A preposition that indicates location of an object.
category  A collection of things sharing a common attribute.
circle      A figure with no sides and no vertices.
classify   To sort into categories or to arrange into groups by attribute.
compare   To decide if one number is greater than, less than, or equal to another number. Can also be used to tell how shapes are alike or different.
compose   To put together basic elements. (e.g., Numbers or geometric shapes.)
cone         A geometric solid with a circular base and curved surface.

That is not all they do!

Granite School District also made great word wall cards you can print out.  Each word has 3 cards:

  1. the word

  2. word and picture

  3. word, picture, definition

Click on over to this great website and start downloading your math vocabulary words today!

Click Here!

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Graph-a-Week...and it is free!

Hi everyone,
Teacher's Clubhouse has an incredible give away going on now for a few more days.  
Check out this 315 page freebie!

Here is what they say:

Our FINAL freebie of our six week birthday celebration is available NOW! Download our new 315-page Graph-a-Week: Bar Graph Edition Unit at While you're there take a look around and stock up on resources with our 20% off sale that is going on through July 3! Click "share" to let other teachers know about our final freebie and sale!

I downloaded mine!
Happy Teaching,
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