Monday, January 19, 2015

Fraction Math Video

The video math tutor has another fraction video that I like.  Great visuals and some humor make this video a winner.  It is a long one over 27 minutes, but take a look and use part or all of it as another method to make your fraction content comprehensible for all students! 


Basic Math: Lesson 6 - Clip #1 - Understanding Fractions 



Let me know what you think of the video math tutor! 

Happy Teaching! 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Freebie!

 Hello everyone!
Happy New Years!
It is Friday and time for a freebie!

This is our Multiplying by 8 - Multiplication Math Games and Lesson Plans and it is free!

This 26-page package focuses on multiplying by 8. Teaching elementary students to multiply is quick and effective when students practice their multiplication facts with these fun and engaging reproducible multiplication games, lesson plans and activities.

This package includes 5 Math Games:
*Multiplying by 8
*Match It Up!
*Multiplication Bingo
*Flash Card Bingo
*Homework Black lines
*Timed Tests
*Score Graphs

Each multiplication game includes game boards, cards, practice sheets, a 5 minute-timed test and graph for efficient assessment.

Also included are 5 black lines, which can be used to differentiate your instruction, as seat work or sent home as homework. Flash cards also come in this packet.

These games are effective ways to reach and teach your English language learners and at risk students. Differentiate your elementary instruction with this great 26-page multiplication game and activities.

click here to download your free game packet today!

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Years to all of you from all of us at Fun To Teach!
Happy Teaching!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Math Vocabulary

Hello everyone,
I have written about this great site, but wanted to remind everyone about it.  This is an awesome site for Common Core Math Vocabulary.  They continually update it!

Granite School District in Utah has some of the best resources for Common Core Math Vocabulary and they are ready for you to download and print for FREE!

They have a great website that includes vocabulary cards that are kid friendly.  Each word has 3 cards. The first is the word only, the second includes a graphic representation, and the third also includes a definition.

This site is packed with resources for building math vocabulary including
 games such as this one:

Talk a Mile a Minute

Materials: Word lists, timer Instructions:

1. In this game, students are given a list of 6 words that have been organized into categories. One player will give the clue words while the other player tries to guess the word on the screen within a 60 second time limit.

2. Divide the class into pairs. Player 1 and 2 sit together facing each other. One player faces the screen and the other player has their back to the screen.

3. The player facing the screen will be the “talker” and is provided with a list of words on the screen. The talker tries to get their partner to say each of the words by quickly describing them. The talker may not use gestures, rhyming words, or any variation of the word on the list.

For example, in the first list below, the talker must not say the word shape when giving the clues. For the word square, the talker might say something like, “It has 4 equal sides, AND 4 equal angles.”

Rectangle Square Circle Triangle
Right Triangle Trapezoid
Units of Measure
Inches Meters
Hours Square Yards

4. The talker keeps giving clues until their partner identifies the first word in the category. The talker then moves to the next word in the category until all words have been guessed the set time ends.

5. Players change places and a new round begins with the other player now designated as the talker. 

If you are looking to add to your instruction of Math Vocabulary...this great site has it all.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale Hello everyone!

Join us for some fun shopping at the Fun To Teach Shop and great savings at Teachers Notebook this holiday!

Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sales!

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Happy Teaching and shopping! 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Number Sense - Math Vocabulary Trading Cards and Lesson Plans

Hello everyone,

Did you know we have a great game for Number Sense vocabulary over at our Teachers Pay Teachers Store?

This 26-page unit has essential math words to build a foundation of math understanding. Use whole class, with second language learners or struggling math students. Fun way for students to meet the Common Core Standards!

The 15 carefully selected words integrates kid friendly definitions with rich information about the concept. Words included are: after, compare, different, greater than, number sentence, about how many, before, between, equal to, fewer, less than, more, more than, one more than, and same.

This Math Game packet includes black line masters to reproduce and use as games and activities.

This package includes: 7 Math Games:
•Match It Up!
•I Know the Word
•Tic Tac Go!
•And the Answer Is!
•Word Association
•A Game of 20 Questions

Also included:
• Flashcard Mania
• Math Games as Homework

Reproducible black lines included in this package:
-activities to send home
-easy to use teacher
-teacher's guides
-easy game assembly
-variety of games
-complete game boards and game cards
-activity black line masters

Click here to check it out!

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Oh yes it is Monday again

Happy Monday lovely friends!  Here is the quote for the week!

Education is a progressive
 discovery of our own ignorance.

Will Durant

Happy Teaching!  Let's get out there and do it!
“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” – Aristotle

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